Melbourne to Los Angeles via Sydney

I’m writing this about ¾ of our way across the Pacific. I managed to get a decent nights sleep, despite still being depressed over the footy/excited about the trip. I got up about 6 and my sister drove me to the airport. My first flight was just to Sydney where I would meet up with Hui and Rohan. As luck would have it my parents were in Sydney this weekend for the footy. They have been away in Darwin for a few weeks, so it was good that I got to see them before they left. After catching up with them for a bit I caught the inter-airport train to the International Terminal. Hui was already there waiting and we hung out there for about an hour while we waited for Rohan. He had been up at Newcastle for a wedding and got up early to drive down for the flight with his girlfriend.

His mum was also in Sydney, so while he caught up with her Hui and I had some lunch then headed through customs. Disaster struck going through security when Hui’s boarding pass fell out of the container, I picked it up and put it on his laptop. Then, when he went to pick it up again it was gone. We searched high and low but couldn’t find it. We were told by the security people that they would re-issue tickets at the gate. He got the third degree over it, but they eventually re-printed his ticket for the LA flight as well as the Vegas connection.

Not long after we got all that sorted Rohan joined us in the departure lounge and we were soon on the plane. Upon taking our seats we were dismayed to find that, unlike QANTAS, United Airlines don’t have individual TV’s in the back of the seat in front of you. We faced a long boring journey! We made the best of it though, we all had our laptops and luckily brought lots of books and magazines. Hui also packed some plastic chips so we spent a few good hours playing poker and tournament blackjack against each other.

I seem to remember the flight from Melbourne to LA being 16 hours last time. Projected travel time for Sydney to LA via United is only a little over 12 hours. I don’t know what the deal is there, Sydney is only a little closer, probably has to do with the model of plane I guess. So far United Airlines has failed when compared with my QANTAS experience last time. In my next blog I’ll cover arriving in America, our flight to Vegas and checking in to the hotel.

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