Los Angeles to Las Vegas

It’s been a very long last two days, made even longer by some major frustrations with United Airlines. They were already failing to impress me AND THEN THEY WENT AND LOST OUR BAGS. As we sit here at 8pm tonight, Rohan and Hui are still missing a bag (we arrived at midday). My bag got lost in the system, but was promptly shipped out on the next flight to Vegas. We had to wait around at the airport for a very long time for that to show up.

Eventually we got out of there after a kind of a nightmarish morning navigating US Immigration, the human cattle procession that is LAX and delays and frustration. We checked in to our suite at Tuscany Hotel and Casino without a problem and our room is fairly good for the price we paid. We are all pretty wrecked, but we managed to get up the energy to check out the casino floor, have some dinner down then and go for a long walk along the strip. At 5pm it was 47 degrees and Tuscany is a fair walk from the strip, so we had a good work out. I’ll have more to report after I sleep off this jetjag!

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  • 47? Wow. Nice stuff.

    United are shit, you obviously didn’t do any research! haha. Were they cheapest? That Qantas flight to LA will soon be done by the A380 – that would have been nice ey? You’ll have to take me to Vegas on your next trip.

  • Yeah they were the cheapest, but QANTAS was only a tad more. It was more that United were flying out of Sydney and thats where we all had to meet I think.

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