Las Vegas Preview

On Sunday I’ll be heading to Las Vegas for my second trip. This time Hui and Rohan will be coming with me and that should provide for a different experience. Neither of them have been before, so I look forward to taking them to some of the places I enjoyed last time. We are all flying out of Sydney together as Hui lives up there and Rohan will be in Newcastle for a wedding on Saturday night.

I feel a lot more relaxed about heading to America this time, I know exactly what to expect. I didn’t think I’d be headed back there so soon, but escaping the Melbourne winter and heading to Las Vegas with two gambling buddies is too good to pass up on.

The World Series of Poker will be on, I’m not sure that I’m going to play an event though. I think Hui is pretty keen to play one and Rohan would probably like to, but doesn’t want to fork out the buy-in. Perhaps we will play some satellite’s and see how that goes. As for cash games, I’m keen to grind online for about 3 hours a day with Rohan sitting beside me and us bouncing ideas off each other. I also wouldn’t mind tutoring Hui a little bit and seeing if I can’t turn him into a decent full ring player. I’ll definitely be putting in a fair bit of live play, mostly just having fun at $1/$2nl, I’ll be looking for games where there max buy-in is $300+ as well. Someone gave me a bit of advice that these are the best ones to play in. I also want to take some shots at $2/$5, Hui said he might stake me a little, so we will see what eventuates there.

Most of all I just plan to relax and have fun. Looking forward to soaking of some sun rays, doing some swimming and working out on the gym. I’ll be keeping everyone posted on the trip through my blogs and hopefully I can upload lots of photos too. So stay tuned!

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  • I want the swimming photos posted. xoxox

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