Brisbane Lions vs. Fremantle Dockers Match Report

Our disposal efficiency, particularly by foot early in the game was pretty horrible, but today we did enough when it was needed. It was more of a workmanlike performance than anything else. We come up against better opposition away from home next week and that will be a very itneresting test.

If we win I will be over the moon and craving September action, if we stick with the Bulldogs, but go down in the end I will be pleased. If we get shown up against quality opposition I’ll be shattered. The Bulldogs had a great win today, former Brisbane Lions Jason Akermanis kicked 6, I’m sure Leigh Matthews will have a solution to shut him down, but the problem is the Dogs have a multi pronged attack.

Another great game by Travis Johnstone today, proving to be an excellent recruit for us this season. Daniel Bradshaw is an injury concern, hopefully it is just something that can be nursed by keeping him close to goal. The problem is Jonathan Brown has an injury that requires the exact same solution. They started to get in each others way a bit today. We missed the cleanliness and poise of Roe and Drummond out of the back half this week too, we can only get better with them coming back in the side.

My Votes
5 – T Johnstone
4 – S Black
3 – J Brown
2 – J MacDonald
1 – J Adcock

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