My June Goals

June Goals
– Earn 60,000 VPPs
– Play $2/$5nl live in Vegas
– Read Harrington Cash Game Books
– Run 35km before Vegas
– Read Harrington Books
– Prepare Well For Vegas
– Watch 10 Stox Videos
– Blog 25 Hands
– Bit About Me Series – Uni

May Goals
Passed With Flying Colours, Could Have Done Better, Failed

Play 100,000 Hands @ 200NL – Played the hands just not all at 200nl, I started mixing 100nl during the week
Run 75km
– Did 65km, exercise time went into other activities
Be able to do 40 push-ups
Be able to do 15 chin-ups
– Still stuck with 12 as my record
Read Harrington Cash Game Books
– Only a few chapters in

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