Brisbane Lions vs. St. Kilda Saints Match Report

By far our best match of the season, the final score line really didn’t reflect the way we dominated the game. We let them have a big last quarter while we took our foot off the gas in the heat. It was really hard to find any bad players on the field for us.

Bradshaw and Brown kicking a half dozen goals each isn’t going to see us losing very many games. Up the other end of the field Jason Roe and Josh Drummond have made us look that much better coming out of defence. Ash McGrath has really established himself now as a defensive option too.

Jed Adcock played his best game of the season, despite carrying an injury into the game. What he lacks in foot speed he makes for in hardness and commitment. Fringe runners like Harding and Sherman had decent games too.

My Votes
5 – Brown
4 – Clark
3 – Adcock
2 – Black
1 – Drummond

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