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After reading Belok’s series on 24-tabling, which can be found through the links below I was inspired to try some different multi-tabling techniques.

24-Tabling Like a Pro: Part III

24-Tabling Like A Pro: Part II

24-Tabling Like A Pro: Part I

Up until now I have mostly been tiling my tables across two monitors, occasionally I’ll cascade just to mix it up. For the next few sessions though I’m going to be trying stacking. I have set-up two alternative layouts for tacking. One is just a straight pile of 24 on top of each other, the other is 4 stacks of 6 tiled tables all on one screen. A script that pulls interesting tables out of the stack is crucial, because it allows me to concentrate on those big hands. Moving my start bar to the side of the screen was a genius tip! It allows me to see all 24 tables with their full names and which ones are flashing at me. Using Windows Aero theme on Vista I can also see a little preview window when I mouse over. However, I can’t get my bet pot script working while I have this enabled.

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  • Do you have to open the 24 tables, stack themon topof each other then save the layout so that when you log on infuture and open 24 they all sit on top of each other?

    Sorry of that sounds dumb but I could never get it to work!

  • Yep that’s right, save it within PokerStars and then you can arrange them that way in the future.

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