Brisbane Lions vs Carlton Blues Match Report

The first quarter we put in tonight was absolutely brilliant. We followed on from our great first quarter against Geelong two weeks ago and this time we actually put the points on the board. Travis Johnstone was very composed finishing the job up forward early and the game was never really in doubt from there thanks to some trademark Jonathan Brown brilliance.

The rest of the game was pretty damn ugly it has to be said. It reminded me so much of the Melbourne game where Carlton would turn it over and then we’d be just as bad giving it back, almost as if ineffective disposals and errors are contagious.

The return of Roe and Drummond to the side really added something and I thought Ashley McGrath’s game in defence was the best he has come up with in some time. The defence were excellent in the first half, in the second there was a little too much farting around coming out of the back half, but I think that had a lot to do with the workrate of the players up the field dropping off and the players having to stall to wait for an option. There was a little bit of a lack of awareness/talk in the second half with guys like Black, Roe, MacDonald getting run down from behind.

Sherman did a great job on Judd, him at Patfull are kind of the unsung heroes of the night. They didn’t pick up a lot of stats, but they limited their opponents to a point where their impact was minimal.

Bradshaw played the kind of game we would have expected from him in round one first game back. His hands weren’t working, he was slow to get up when he went to ground and his chasing which has been a feature of the first part of the season was non-existent. He’ll look forward to getting back to the familiar surrounds of the Gabba and slotting a few early next week and getting some confidence back.

In terms of team composition, this was one of the best teams we have put on the park all season in my oinion. I think we have a few fringe players that we seem to be taking a horses for courses approach with. I would have Stiller/Lappin in the side ahead of Selwood/Harding at the moment. Luey has to slot back into the ruck somehow, I don’t know that there is room for Clark in our forward line, but I would certainly have him over Henderson as our next best tall. Beyond that I struggle to find a spot for Begley/Copeland unless the opposition dictates.

My Votes
5 – Brown
4 – Johnstone
3 – Black
2 – Power
1 – Charman

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  • Interesting. I saw the first quarter, you guys were good, and that did, as you said, put the match beyond doubt. It was a thrashing in my books but the final margin doesn’t perhaps illustrate that.

    How was the Dome? Nice and warm I bet!

  • The dome was 15 inside while it was 11 outside, so I’m glad it wasn’t at the G. I don’t think 38,000 would have shown up to the G.

    I know the margin didn’t reflect the game, we were 66 pts up during the third quarter, so it was disappointing from that point of view. As Leigh Matthews said though, before the game if you’d said we’d win by 6 goals we would have been thrilled.

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