AA – 40/15 Shoves Over Short Stack All-In

SB is 40/15/2.5 over 30 hands, shortie is unknown. KK/QQ seem very unlikely here, 55 and KQ are in his range obviously (maybe even K5s/Q5s given his high VPIP), but does this guy ever show up with AK (I guess if I assume he threebets QQ I have to assume he does with AK also) or something ridiculous like JT? Is this a case where you’d fold on this board but call if it was the Kh instead of Kd?

Poker Stars, $1/$2 NL Hold’em Cash Game, 9 Players
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SB: $202.65
BB: $40
UTG: $84
UTG+1: $277.80
UTG+2: $189
Hero (MP1): $218.85
MP2: $222.40
CO: $98.85
BTN: $47.75

Pre-Flop: A A dealt to Hero (MP1)
3 folds, Hero raises to $8, 2 folds, BTN calls $8, SB calls $7, BB folds

Flop: ($26) K Q 5 (3 Players)
SB checks, Hero bets $18, BTN raises to $39.75 and is All-In, SB raises to $194.65 and is All-In, Hero folds

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  • this is a call. ur cbet means nothing, the shortstacks raise means very little, he could be isolating for value with as little as a K here. u lose to the 2 hands u mentioned only. if u only lose to two hands, u rarely fold…

  • I like the fold to be honest. KQ and 55 are defo part of SB’s range but how was the shorty on the button playing? Is KQ and 55 part of his range? Worst case you could be up against KQ and 55 which would be sick!

    Yeah, more I thin about it more I find a fold. Maybe I’m a nit?

  • Poker is a game of information. You do not have enough information at this point to make this fold. Putting someone a hand range of {KQ,55} with just this action is impossible. If anything, you could argue that KQ and 55 do not make this shove given the safe board texture. The fact he has 40VPIP (which is bad enough at 6max, at full ring that’s obscene) as well makes folding this terrible imo. Since you posted this, I’m going to guess SB has JT and button wins with Kx or Qx and you tore your hair out 😛

  • Thanks for the responses guys. I actually called this hand, and they both had KQ. I just wanted to check that this guy could have just a king in this spot.

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