Near Death Experience

Brad and I were on our way home from Indoor Cricket at about 10pm at night when we were nearly killed by a crazy driver that suddenly popped out right in front of us as we were travelling at 60kmph down a two lane road. There was a car in the other direction that was changing lanes to the left and this moron thought it would be a good idea to speed up (he was definitely doing over 60) and dart out onto the wrong side of the road to get around the guy. Thankfully, just moments before a car had come up our left hand side so the left lane was clear for me to swerve into. Brad said he didn’t see the oncoming car, but just felt the car suddenly swerve out of the way and I’m pretty sure I yelled something. We didn’t miss the oncoming car by much, I felt the wind as the two cars front headlights passed each other. As I looked in my rear view mirror the car that nearly hit us continued to behave erratically as it continued on down the road.

About the Author: Andrew Ferguson

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