My First Coaching Session

In an effort to further my poker education I plan to be getting some coaching and having a lot more discussion with knowledgeable/better players than myself. Today was my first step towards doing that as I undertook a session with Ryanj37 from 2+2 aka ArmThHomeless on Stars. He is a current regular at 400nl on Stars with a very good win rate and someone who I feel I can learn a lot from.

I ended up playing for about an hour or so with him watching on and giving feedback and advice. It is amazing how much having someone watching and analysing can get you actively thinking about every little thing you are doing. I may have a few interesting hands from the session to post later on, but I thought it good for my benefit to make a little list of interesting things and what I learned after each session.

  • Use of the delayed c-bet, good flops for delayed c-bets
  • Flat calling big pairs in position
  • The advantages of using RealTimeHUD vs PokerAceHUD
  • Rivering top pair and folding because all I beat is a bluff
  • 4-bet/folding KQs BTN vs Blinds, the K and Q are blockers to your opponents having KK/QQ
  • Limping behind because of short stacks or potential of limp/re-raise

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