Combatting Aggressive 3-Bettors

Combating Aggressive Three-Bettors in NL Hold ’em, Part 1

Combating Aggressive Three-Bettors in NL Hold’em, Part 2

Here are two great articles written by the guys from Stox Poker. Having a read through these really prompted me to look at the mathematics behind three-betting situations. Once I upgrade to Poker Tracker 3 it is something I plan to do a lot more work on. Having once again made 200nl my regular game recently, it is so much more noticeable how much more three-betting there is going on as opposed to 100nl. While the articles here are more geared towards 6-max games where obviously light three-betting is far more rampant, i think it still has a lot of relevance, particularly for late position full ring situations.

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