KK on Low Paired Board vs. Regular

Villain is LapoCaFlame 12/9/3.75 over 500 hands. What hand range are you putting him on here? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him limp/call pre-flop like this and now he is min-raising me on this board? We have a fair bit of tangle in 3bet and late position steal situations, but nothing weird like this. What would you do here? 3-bet or make a decision on the turn?

Poker Stars, $1/$2 NL Hold’em Cash Game, 7 Players
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BTN: $278.05
SB: $201
BB: $31.50
UTG: $200.80
UTG+1: $220.90
MP: $203.85
Hero (CO): $203

Pre-Flop: K K dealt to Hero (CO)
2 folds, MP calls $2, Hero raises to $10, 3 folds, MP calls $8

Flop: ($23) 6 4 6 (2 Players)
MP checks, Hero bets $16, MP raises to $32, Hero

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