Brisbane Lions vs Melbourne Demons Match Report

It is hard to be disappointed in a percentage boosting win, indeed there were a lot of positives to come out of the game, but I can’t help feeling a tinge disappointed. Our scoring accuracy was shocking, the margin should have been 80 points at least. Our defensive pressure was brilliant, we made the opposition crumble with our chase and tackle. Some of delivery to our key forwards was atrocious, I lost count of the number of times J. Brown had a shocking pass come his way. And equally bad was our kicking at goal.

Onto the positives… well it is hard to go past Simon Black with 36 touches, a squillion clearances and an amazing 18 contest possessions for such a lightly framed player. He would have to be up there in the Brownlow voting at the moment. Simon Black’s form is somewhat of a formality, he is a champion. The guys that impressed me yesterday were Hooper, Corrie and Brennan, they both had genuinely exciting games, if Brennan could just kick straight we’d be so much better off. I was calling for his head two weeks ago, but now Michael Rischitelli has put in two top five games in a row to well and truly cement himself in my starting 22.

Tim Notting, Robert Copeland and Travis Johnstone, all guys that we need a lift out of based on their age and experience all had decent games, but are all capable of more. Our back line wasn’t really tested, the only real standout was Joel MacDonald once again putting in a brilliant effort. Colm Begley’s absence down there was very noticeable though.

Next week I’ll be travelling down to Geelong for our match against the defending premiers…. wish me luck. In my mind a good result would be to finish within five goals, I think we are capable at our best. I also know that we are capable of not even showing up after a short 6 day turnaround and yesterday’s 31 degree heat. I think it will be a season defining performance how we approach this game. If we can go close, it will give our group a sense of belief, if we get demoralised well our season could be derailed.


5 – S Black
4 – R Hooper
3 – A Corrie
2 – M Rischitelli
1 – D Bradshaw

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