Foo Fighters Concert

Emmy’s birthday present to me back in December was tickets to last night’s Foo Fighters concert at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena. Foo Fighters are my favourite band of all time and this was the third time I’d seem them live. Their newest album is already one of my favourites, so it was good to get to see them perform tracks from that, as well as all their other timeless classics. I think my highlight would have to be the acoustic version of ‘My Hero’ that they did, closely followed by my favourite song of all time Everlong. Not sure why, but the acoustic version just gave me goosebumps.

We had pretty good seats in the fourth row on the lower level. There was a scary incident about halfway through the night when a guy in the front row was standing up and singing and the lady behind him kept asking him to sit down. Eventually, a really rough looking thug behind pulled him back towards him, choked him and pinned him down. The guy was perfectly within his rights to be standing up, I would say that 75% of all people who had seats were standing for most of the concert. If it had been me in that situation I would have wanted that guy ejected and possibly charged with assault. Anyway, nothing more came off that and there was no more ugliness thankfully.

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