Crown Casino $2/$3NL Live Session Report

If you have been reading my recent blogs you’ll know that my recently purchased car has been giving me some trouble. So today I had to take it into the city to get serviced. I dropped it off at 9am, and they told me to come back at 4pm, so that gave me ages to kill in the city. I decided to go to the casino, hoping their would be some games going at that time of day, I didn’t get my hopes up though. After a quick tram ride down Elizabeth Street and a walk along Southbank, I was delighted that there was a $2/$3nl game just starting up with a $200 maximum buy-in.

As I sat down I saw a few familiar faces at the table. Australian Rules Football players Brendan Fevola and his Carlton Blues team mate Bret Thorton were sitting on opposite sides of the table. Brendan Fevola is one of the superstars of the league, a few years ago he won the Coleman medal for the most goals in a season. He has a bit of a bad boy reputation, just last month he created controversy when he was caught on film urinating on a window outside a nightclub. So I guess it wasn’t really a surprise to find him at a casino at 9:30 in the morning the day after a game. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he was up early for a team recovery session, not that he was still going from the night before (he publically swore off alcohol after the urination incident).

Anyway back to my poker session! Things started really slowly for me, I didn’t pick up many hands for about an hour and a half, I think I took down one pot raising 55 in middle position, going heads up with the one of the blinds and taking it down with a c-bet. A little later on I ran into aces twice, thankfully I didn’t have much either time. First time I made a healthy raise 78s over a few limpers when I was in the CO, the button  (relatively short stacked) min raised me, I folded obviously and he showed aces. The next time I saw a multi-way flop with KQs on the button, missed the flop and the very loose bettor showed AA once more. I had to re-buy for $100, thanks to those hands, not winning any pots and also the $5 time charges. The rake is horrible at Crown Casino, not only is there the $5 time charge every hour, but they are raking like minimum $4 per hand as well. Live poker in general is a joke really, at least at low limits. Slow hand rates, misdeals, smelly people and ridiculously high rake.

After I re-bought my session took a big turn, things really started going my way. I had been so card dead and because I was playing seemingly tight compared to the crazy loose table a few of the players started to comment how quiet I’d been and snug I was playing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find many spots to exploit my image and make some moves. This is how funny live poker players are, they comment on how tight I’ve been playing, and then I raise my first hand in a while and I end up getting 5 callers. It didn’t just happen once, it happened multiple times!

My first big hand, and one of the most satisfying pots I’ve ever won  came with I raised AQo over an EP limper when I was in MP, I ended up getting 5 callers. The flop came down AJJ two spades, a couple of players checked to me and I decided to check as a trap, it had been so rare that a flop was checked through, the table was just too crazy for that. Best of all Brendan Fevola, who had been playing a very wide range, was a big loser (he probably dropped nearly $1000 over the session) and was aggressive when everyone showed weakness. So it was checked through to him as a last to act on the flop and he pushed all-in for about $80 (the pot was $120 in the pot). Everyone folded back to me and I called obviously. He had an ace rag, he never showed the kicked and my hand held up to win the pot. It was such a good feeling to beat him, not only is he a player opposition footy fans love to hate, but he had been carrying on like a bit of a douche bag at the table. He’d been involved in a bit of trash talk at the table, he borderline slow-rolled an old guy when he caught his nut flush when he was all-in (he gave a speech before turning it over). Not only that, when the table was talking about how tight I was playing he had said “he has to play tight, he’s just a Uni kid trying to feed himself”.

From there I picked up AdKd, once again I got 5 callers preflop, I flopped an ace but on a co-ordinated Ad8h9h board. I played it very carefully with so many opponents, thankfully a low diamond fell on the turn, and the action wasn’t anything to worry about. A king fell on the river and I took down a very decent sized pot. The very next hand I picked up JJ, got a couple of called, flopped a jack, got a call on the flop, but he folded on the turn. Later on I limped behind a few others in late position with 66, the flop called 654, the small blind lead for $12 and got called by four players. Obviously this was not the kind of flop to be fucking around on in a limped pot with top set. I pumped it up and everybody folded, I nearly sold it enough for some guy to call off his short stack with what I can only assuming was like top pair or just a 7.

I ended up cashing out a $300 and change profit, not bad for a few hours of killing time while I as waiting for my car.

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