Brisbane Lions vs Port Power Match Report

We are the pride of Brisbane town,
We wear maroon, blue and gold.
We will always fight for victory,
Like Fitzroy, and Bears of old.
All for one, and one for all,
We will answer to the call.
Go Lions, Brisbane Lions,
We’ll kick the winning score.
You’ll hear our mighty roar!


We will not have a better victory this season, unless we make the finals that is! We were absolutely horrendous in the first half, the third quarter was break even and the final quarter was pure ecstasy.  The wet conditions helped us greatly, but it still took pure heart to come over the top and win.

Lets start with the first half, nothing went our way. There were very few players that could hold their heads up high, there was no pressurem hard ball gets, and disposal was horrible. The umpiring was equally as bad, the complete silenece of AAMI stadium when the Lions deserved a free kick really didn’t help. The goal awarded to Cornes when the ball hit the umpire was the worst goal umpiring decision I’ve ever seen. There were too many passengers though and we were dominated and look very slow.

The third quarter our work rate lifted, decision making and disposal still left a bit to be desired though. It’s so frustrating to watch when the team is making so many mistakes, but at least in the 3rd quarter the mistakes were more on the positive side of things, with players trying to take risks and make things happen. At three quarter time I commented to Emmy that the game had been a torture to watch and she asked why I was still watching and I told her that we were close enough if we really wanted it.

Boy did the Lions want it and geez did Port want to lose it. port Adelaide went to sleep and Brisbane reverted to a game plan that suited the wet conditions perfectly. The silk of Black in the middle and the two towers of Bradshaw and Brown up forward really capitalised on the conditions and Port’s weary players. Needless to say there was lots of jumping up and down, throwing my fists in the air and beating my chest in the last quarter. People are often bewildered why I would choose to cancel all social engagements in order to watch my team play, even on TV… Well, if you felt what I felt tonight with that victory you would know why.

My Votes
5 –
4 – Black
3 – Johnstone
2 – Leuenberger
1 – MacDonald

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  • what about McDo-me!

  • Daniel Merrett was serviceable, didn’t figure in our best on ground though.

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