Sydney – Day 15


Emmy and I started the morning with a bit of shopping. Centrepoint tower is a block away and beneath that is lots of retail real estate. We didn’t buy anything, but we covered a lot of territory.

Hui came around just before lunch and we headed off to lunch at Darling Harbour. He took us to a seafood restaurant he had heard good things about called Nick’s. It was a nightmare experience the whole thing really. I’m not a big fan of seafood to begin with and there was just about nothing good I could say about this restaurant. The food was in ridiculously small servings, Emmy found a hair in her fish, I had to send mine back because it was stone cold raw in the middle… the menu was so over-priced and even their french fries sucked. I came close to puking, they brought me out new fish, but I didn’t have the stomach for it anymore.

From there the day went up though! We went to a video arcade, last time we were in Sydney Hui and I managed to win Emmy some soft toys out of one of those grab machines where you direct the claw thing. We decided to have another go, I didn’t have any luck, but Hui won two and got robbed of a third when the claw had it, carried it all the way over then dropped it just before the chute.

In the evening we caught a cab down to the Rocks for our Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. In all it took 3.5 hours, about an hour of that was dressing up and down and getting taught how to walk and climb the ladders. You aren’t allowed to take any cameras up or anything, but they take some for you along the way. I’ve attached ours to the blog. It was a great time of day to be up there, all the lights of the city buildings and the peak hour traffic at their shining best. The weather was great too, not very windy up there at all and a very mild night.

That concludes my series of blogs from this trip, tomorrow will be an early trip and an uneventful drive home. Then it will be back to the poker grind. I haven’t put very many hours in at all while we’ve been away. In fact I probably haven’t even play for the last week, I can’t remember the last time before this trip that I have gone multiple days without playing, let alone a week. Might take me a while to find my feet again, but in the end I think I’ll be better for the time away.

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