Sydney – Day 14

Hui came over in the morning and we walked over to Darling Harbour to take a look around. We decided to go ten pin bowling, Emmy was below her usual superstar standards and taht meant Hui won the first game and I ran away with the second. It always takes me a while to get warmed up, I started the first game really badly, but in the second game I began by bowling a turkey (three strikes in a row), unfortunately the next frame I was one pin short of another strike and then in the 5th frame I bowled another one, so I was one pin away from 5 in a row.

At night Emmy and I went out with her sister Ally and her husband Pete for her sister’s birthday. We drove around to their place, which is only ten minutes away, but it had me pulling my hair out with stress. I got stuck behind a bus and these dickheads behind me starting tooting me even though I couldn’t move. Instead of telling me my fly was undone, Ally decided to tell some long winded story involving statistics about people who fall overboard on a boat having their fly undone, and then ended by revealing mine was undone… she wanted that to get a mention in the blog.

Tomorrow is the last full day of our trip! We will be climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge… hopefully the weather holds off!

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  • Nice blog mate. Link swap?

  • A brilliant blog. Possibly the best. Ever!

  • Haha, fly undone.

    Good work sailor. Perhaps you could check these things before you go out.

    Good work bowling, what was your score?

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