Sydney – Day 13

The drive from Coffs Harbour to Sydney was one of the longest days of driving that we’ve had to do. While the Pacific Highway is improving, it is still highly frustrating having to drive 50kmph through heaps of small towns. Adding to the frustration was the extended periods of 80kmph because of all the road works they are doing. Nothing was more stressful than driving in Sydney though. We entered the metropolitan area about 5pm, just as is started to rain, you can imagine what the roads were like. The lanes are so narrow, the drivers are crazy and once we entered the CBD pedestrians were just running in front of the car. Finding a car park was nightmarish, but we eventually got there. I’m apprehensive to take the car out again, but I will be tonight, hopefully by the time we are coming home the traffic will be light enough not to worry me.

After we checked-in and got settled, my good friend Hui came over to hang out. The train station is on the same block as we are staying, so it is really easy for him to get here. Not long after that Emmy’s sister Ally and her husband Pete came over and we went out for dinner. We’ll be going out for dinner with them at Kings Cross tonight for Ally’s birthday. After dinner they headed off and Emmy, Hui and I went to the movies and saw Semi-Pro.

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  • What did you think of Semi-Pro?

    How crazy are Sydney drivers. I drove around there a fair bit when I was up there, you just have to like hold on to your steering wheel and go. Victorian (perosnalised) number plates didn’t help me though 😉

    Although Sydney drivers are crazy, I found they let you in, where Melbourne drivers just tell you to piss off with the body language of their car!

    Drive safely! The one thing I notice, you come drive the Hume – see nothing in terms of speed cameras in the NSW part, besides a couple that actually tell you where a speed camera is… you enter Victoria and there are undercover cops everywhere – speed cameras and marked police everywhere and all those fixed point to point cameras. Revenue raising much?

  • Semi-Pro had its moments, I wasn’t expecting much, the previews had me expecting something kind of stupid… wasn’t too bad though.

    Only places I can get caught speeding is down hills using cruise control. When I had the hire car in Cairns with no Cruise Control I was so lost on the open road :p

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