Coffs Harbour – Day 12


We actually stayed a little way out of Coffs Harbour in a town called Korora. We arrived late in the afternoon and left as soon as we woke up in the morning so we didn’t really get the chance to do much. The place we stayed at had a huge swamp in the middle of it and it was surrounded in a circle by all the ‘bungalows’.

One interesting thing did happen though. I went to check what the temperature of the swimming pool was and out of the corner of my eye I saw a really fast moving object in the spa. Upon closer inspection there was a lizard, about 15cm in length. It was struggling to swim and trying to pull itself out. I called back to Emmy to come and look, and she scooped it out and saved it (I didn’t really want to touch it). After it was out it hund around a bit and crawled all over Emmy’s bare feet and then ran off.

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