Brisbane Lions vs. Sydney Match Report

Sydney have the wood over us, Leigh Matthews is constantly out coached by Paul Roos. We have no answer for Adam Goodes, the Swans size beats us at the stoppages and our defenders have no way of stopping the good delivery coming into the Swans forward line.

It is so frustrating at the moment that we play great for these 10 minute periods in matches and then completely lose focus at other stages. It has happened in all three games so far, we got away with it against Collingwood, but we are never going to be a finals team unless we can be consistent for four quarters.

We missed Josh Drummond tonight, he gives us direction out of the back half and has some a beautiful and penetrating kick. J. Brown was double teamed out of the game, which was fine because it gave Bradshaw the space he needed. Our set shots for goal and some of our decisions to play on in the forward line at crucial stages was woeful.

To finish as close as we did was a pretty fair effort. I’ll be disappointed if we play like that next week though. The two big positives to come out of the game were Bradshaw’s re-emergence after showing glimpses the last two weeks and also the work of Albert Proud. Proud will be a superstar, and he has the big frame that we need in the midfield to win us the ball so guys like Black, Johnstone and Power can receive and use it well.

My Votes
5 – Bradshaw
4 – Proud
3 – Adcock
2 – Notting
1 – Black

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