Mareeba – Day 11

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For our last full day in Cairns we decided to take it a bit more easy. We weren’t in any rush to get anywhere which was a nice feeling. Our first stop was back at Rusty’s Market in the CBD. Emmy wanted to buy a dress for herself and one for her sister than she had spotted the other day.

After a winding mountain drive to Mareeba we stopped at the RSL for lunch. Once we were filled up it was time to go to CoffeeWorks, something Emmy has been hanging out for the whole time in Cairns. I hate coffee, but I tried some of the squillions of varieties they had to taste test, didn’t enjoy it much. I did like the teas and chocolates they also produced on site, so it wasn’t all bad. We also got to see how they grow and roast the coffee beans as well as a massive collection of coffee/tea related paraphernalia. We bought some of the chocolates from the gift shop and Emmy got some coffee for her mum.

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  • Cool pics and trip report :)

    Australia seems to be a fascinating place. I read Bill Bryson’s “Down Under” book a couple of years ago which makes for an interesting and hilarious read of your country :)



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