Port Douglas, Mossman Gorge, Daintree Rainforest, Cape Tribulation – Day 10

 LookoutSwing BridgeCrocodiles

The road to Port Douglas was windy and narrower than I imagined, probably the hardest part of the days driving because of the volume of cars on the road. We only made a short stop off in Port Douglas to look at the shops and pick up some information on the Daintree region.

From Port Douglas it wasn’t too far to Mossman and then to the Mossman Gorge. More spectacular waterfalls and rain forest to walk through. The highlight of the gorge was the swinging bridge over the water. It was a shame that there were so many tourist groups around and we had to move on quickly to get out of there way.

After Mossman Gorge it was a fair drive to get to the Daintree Rainforest. There is no bridge over the Daintree River, so to get across you have to take a ferry. You drive onto the Barge, turn your engine off and remain in your car, it takes about 2 minutes. On the way back across we were stuck on the other side for over half an hour because the tide was too low for the ferry to travel across.

A short journey after the ferry is the Daintree Discover Centre. It’s a boardwalked section of the rainforest with lots of plant and animal markings. We got an audio tour to go along with our admission and that had lots of interesting information as we walked along. The best part of the discovery tour was the 23 metre ivory tower that extended up into the canopy of the trees. The unfortunate thing about the tour was that we hardly saw any animal life.

Once we were done at the Discovery Centre we stopped for ice cream at a boutique Daintree Ice Cream farm. They had a range of fresh fruts growing as your drove in and the flavours were really unusual, like Wattle Seed. We then proceeded to Cape Tribulation for lunch. I had the beautifully cooked Tempura Barramundi.  Cape Tribulation was so isolated that I wondered how the restaurants there make money, but sure enough after we sat down the lunch time crowds started to pour in. On the way to the Cape we had to cross a creek that was overflowing onto the road, and the little Toyota Corolla only just made it, on the way across we saw the RACQ rescuing someone who had become stuck. So it was a relief when we made it across on the way back.

We pretty much drove the journey home straight, only stopping once at Coconut Beach. There was not a soul in sight and we had the whole beach to ourselves. I tried to crack open some coconuts, but even on the sharp rocks I wasn’t strong enough.

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  • The trick with coconuts is to use a machete. Or what I learned from the kids of the Solomon Islands is you rip the green outer layer of the coconut off with your teeth. Your dentist might not be happy. Once this is done you then get a sharp rock or machete and drill a hole in the top of it. This allows you to drink the liquid and allows for you to better crack it open later.

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