Hiring A Car & Crystal Cascades – Day 9

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The day started with me catching the bus into the city and picking up the rental car that I had booked. It’s a maroon Toyota Ascent Sport and we’ll have it for the rest of the stay. Once I got back to the apartment with it we packed a picnic lunch and headed off for Crystal Cascades. When we got there no one was in sight and there were these warning signs for stringing trees and if you get stung call 000 immediately. So we headed down a dirt path being careful to avoid foliage along the way and eventually reached a nice spot to have our lunch by a creek.

After lunch we took the esky back to the car and went down  a paved path this time, this one was well clear of trees and stinging leaves. We walked up to the top of the Crystal Cascades, which are a long series of waterfalls. Along the way we saw people swimming, and by the the time we walked back that had very nicely left so we could have the water all to ourselves.

We’d worked up quiet a sweat on the walk because it was all uphill on the way, following the water upstream. The rainforest air was so humid and thick that deep breathes were troublesome. So when we finally hit the water it was refreshing. It was really clean water, the only challenges were getting in and out on the shark and unstable rocks and pebbles and also avoiding being swept down stream by the currents.

Later on tonight we are driving into town to go to the night markets, something Emmy has been wanting to do since we got here.

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