Scenic Railway, Kuranda & SkyRail – Day 7

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The day didn’t start very well at all. We went to the bus stop for our 7:50am as per our instructions and by 8:15 nothing had shown up. We got the owner of the apartments (who had booked our tour) to give the tour operators a call. Turns out there had been a major stuff up with their computer system and we had been wiped off the map. Instead of getting the shuttle bus to the railway station the owner of the tour company came and picked us up herself and rushed us to the train. We didn’t make it on time, but luckily the train was running late.

That was the only stressful part of the day though and the rest was very enjoyable. The train ride wen for about an hour and a half with one stop off point at a massive waterfall. It’s journey started just outside of Cairns and took us to a small vilalge called Kuranda. There were lots of little shops, markets, wildlife attractions and bushwalks to do.

We started off by doing a small walk through the forest. We found a nice creek to take our shoes off and relax at. After our walk in the humidity we were ready to relax and have lunch. We went to the Rainforest Cafe and sat outside on their balcony that overlooked the rainforest. Emmy had ‘the best banana smoothie she has ever had’ and the food was good too, a lot better than yesterday’s debacle that is for sure.

The SkyRail was the best part of the trip for me, it’s a gondola cable way that suspends over the rain forest that takes you 7.5km. There were two stations to get off at to take pictures at lookout points and it was really unique to be amongst the canopy so far up. On the journey back we had no troubles with our shuttle bus, which was a relief because we were too tired and hot to deal with anymore dramas.

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