My April Goals

April Goals
– Earn 40,000 VPPs
– Post 15 hand analysis blogs
– Reply to an average of five hands a day on 2+2
– Do 3x 10km runs
– Be able to do 12 chin ups
– Be able to do 30 push-ups
– Post Bit About Me II
March Goals
Passed With Flying Colours, Could Have Done Better, Failed
Get close to buying my first property – Didn’t do anything towards this, couldn’t even find the motivation to read the book I bought on it
400 SNGs (100 @ $30+ stakes) – Didn’t play many sit and go’s and the ones I did none of them were at these stakes.
50,000 Hands @ 200nl – Ran bad early in the month, drop backed to 100nl
Earn  40,000 VPP – Went close, but dropping in stakes and not playing at the end of the month due to holiday cost me
Bit About Me – Part II – Written a fair bit, not ready to post yet
25 Blogs
Buy new car
Go on road trip

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