Cairns City Centre – Day 6


We woke up early because of the bright morning light. The bus stop is right next door, but on a Sunday they only run every hour so we had a bit of a wait. Despite the fact that we are only a ten to fifteen minute drive out of town, the bus trip took an hour because it services a number of the northern beach suburbs, of which we are the most north.

We got there so early that none of the shops were even open being a Sunday morning. Hence, we decided to take a walk along the Marina and we watched all the people go off on their fishing tours and we also spotted some crabs. Beyond the Marina is the Lagoon, a large public pool situated right on the beach front and you can just freely enter it as you wish. We swam there for a bit, it was nice, but it wasn’t as big as it looked in all the tourist brochures.

For lunch we made a really bad choice and had one of the worst meals ever. We went to this deserted Chinese restaurant that was offering Sunday lunch Yum Cha. The food was ridiculously over priced, cold and overcooked/dry. The service was just as bad, I asked for a Coke Zero, got a Diet Coke, Emmy asked for water with two glasses, it never showed up. She asked for Chinese tea for one, they brought it out and poured it for two. In the end, we left a lot lighter in the pocket than we should have for a lunch that didn’t even fill us.

After the Chinese food debacle we went to Rusty’s market. We picked up lots of fresh fruit, figuring we can’t go wrong with that. When we got back to the apartment we made a huge fruit salad with it all… YUM! We’ve booked ourselves in for the Scenic Railway and SkyRail tour tomorrow, so should have plenty to report then.

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