Brisbane Lions vs. Collingwood Match Report

Brisbane LionsMy first live game for the season, the Lions first home game and a much needed victory, albeit we did it the hard way. Unlike last week there weren’t too many players making up the numbers for the Lions, maybe Sherman, Henderson and Hooper are the only players who had quiet ones.

I still have my reservations about the team this year though, in the first two games of the season they have had periods where there intensity has dropped off and skill errors have been plentiful. Our game plan is still lacking, particularly coming out of defense, a lot of the time we don’t move it quick enough and players don’t make space and work for each other. Going in our favor is that we have a few genuine superstars in the team, which are capable of not only turning games, but making sure we stay in touch with teams. The come from behind win tonight showed a lot of character, something which gives me a lot of hope.

I’m dismayed at some of the free kicks that were paid tonight, for both teams. Some of the soft ones for chopping the arms, sheparding, holding and too high were laughable. Not only is the interpretation of these rules entirely inconsistent from match to match, but even from quarter to quarter. Not only that, the game is going in the wrong direction if it starts to pay these netball type fouls.

My Votes

5 – L. Power
4 – S. Black
3 – T. Johnstone
2 – J. Brennan
1 – J. Adcock

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