Brisbane – Day 4

Gabba MeStorey Bridge

We couldn’t check-into the hotel until 2pm, so we spent the morning in Warwick and then set off for Brisbane about 11am. The navigation of the city wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. We are staying in an apartment in a small complex under Storey Bridge, just outside the CBD. It’s a two storey one bedroom apartment, which is kind of unique.

 The Gabba was only a 20 minute walk, although we nearly got lost on the way. When we arrived it was apparent we were amongst a rather large contingent of Collingwood supporters. Pretty typical really, you travel all that way for a home game and get sat mongst the away fans. I was happy with the first half, but I thought the game was gone after the third quarter. It was a great come from behind win in the end though. After the game we waited around to go on the field, the Gabba still has the “second siren” where everyone dashes onto the playing arena after the players have left.

Tomorrow we will be up bright and early for our flight to Cairns. The weather forecast is for rain every day that we are there, but at the same time it is going to be 30 degrees nearly everyday.

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