Road Trip Begins Tomorrow: Melbourne to Echuca/Moama

Road Trip Map

Tomorrow Emmy and I head off on our three week long road trip that will see us driving to Brisbane, flying to Cairns and back and then driving back to Melbourne via Sydney. Our first port of call will be the Victoria and NSW border towns of Echuca/Moama. My Grandma lives up there, so we will be staying with her for two nights. I will be showing Emmy all the places I used to visit as a little kid, as well as refreshing my own memory. We are travelling up the middle of Victoria and New South Wales because Emmy wants to stay in Dubbo, which is pretty much directly north of my Grandma’s. This will be good because it’ll mean we are travelling different routes on the way and way back, which should make the drive less mundane.

It doesn’t look much on the map, but if you can appreciate the shear size of this wonderful continent, we are going to be travelling a hell of a lot of kilometres over the next few weeks. I’m really looking forward to Cairns, I’ve never been there, although I have been to the Whitsundays (a small group of islands off the North Queensland Coast). It’ll be good to get to see the Great Barrier Reef before global warming sees it’s coral bleached out of existence. Most of all it will be great to have a holiday. I’ve been working really hard for the last six months since I got back from America, I think I could count the days where I haven’t worked on one hand . The warmer weather will be good too, not that Melbourne has been cold the last few weeks, but you just get the sense of that morning chill starting to creep in.

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