Brisbane Lions vs. West Coast Eagles Match Report

Brisbane LionsRound 1, 2008
After winning at Subiaco late last year you would think that I would have had more faith coming into the game that the Lions could pull of an upset. My doubts about our ability to win in Perth against the Eagles were confirmed when the Eagles took an early 38 to 8 lead into Qtr time. Brisbane looked down and out and already in my head I was processing the dissapointment of an impending loss and how bad the damage could be in the first round of the season.

My team showed some real courage and guts from that point on though and it is no surprise that the man leading the way was Jonathan Brown. He kicked our first five goals of the match and got us to within reaching distance at half time. Early in the third quarter the Eagles went to sleep and the Lions came alive. Black and Lapping started getting there hands on the ball and after looking rusty early Bradshaw kicked had some important touches and goals in his first game in over 12 months. The Eagles kicked a couple of late goals in the quarter though and the lead which the Lions ahd taken midway through the quarter was soon gone.

The umpiring through the match and indeed the last quarter was frustrating. The free kick count ended up being 29-17 in their favour, which really didn’t help our cause. We ran out of legs in the last quarter and West Coast ended up winning by a few goals. I took a lot of heart out of the game though, if you take the first quarter out of it we won the game.

My Votes
5 – J. Brown – Our chances this year fall on his shoulders alone pretty much, if he doesn’t fire or gets injured we are in troubl. Tonight he showed why he is the best player in the league.
4 – D. Bradshaw – Very impressive with his crucial goals in the third quarter. For a guy who missed all of last season, I’m salivating at the prospect of having him back and in good form.
3 – C. Begley – My word was I impressed with him tonight. I must admit he wouldn’t have been in my team for this match had I been a selector, but he changed my opinion with his play tonight. Not only did the young Irishman look cool, calm and collected running the ball out of defence all night, but his animation and will to win was clearly evident when the game was in the balance. It’s quite amazing to think that this guy has only taken up the game in the last few years.
2 – S. Black – In the first half he picked up a lot of touches but his skill really let him down, in the third quarter though he started hitting targets and was one of the driving forces behind the Lions surge to the lead.
1 – J. Drummond – Like Begley his run out of defence was game breaking. He has such a lovely long penetrating and accurate kick, it really is a delight to watch.

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