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I put a deposit on a car on Monday and pending an roadworthy and RACV check I should be buying it later in the week. I had to spend a little more than I was first planning, but I think it will be worth it because of the superior condition and low kilometres this one has.

Spending a bit more on the car became less of a big deal when I discovered a major blunder on my insurance. Remember how I had my crash on the very day that my previous year’s insurance came to an end? Well I went back and checked last year’s statement and the car had an agreed value of $10,450, as opposed to the statement for this year’s insurance which had it valued at $8,350. My insurance company was all set to pay me out at this year’s agreed value, when in fact the accident happened under the jurisdiction of last year’s agreed value. In addition to that, I also need a refund for the insurance premium I paid for this year. So there you go, if my accident had happened 3 hours later I’d be about $3,000 worse off than I am now.

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  • Lol bloody insurance companies. Scum of the earth.

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