My March Goals

March Goals
– Get close to buying my first property
– 400 SNGs (100 @ $30+ stakes)
– 50,000 Hands @ 200nl
– Earn  40,000 VPP
– Bit About Me – Part II
– 25 Blogs
– Buy new car
– Go on road trip

February Goals
Passed With Flying Colours, Could Have Done Better, Failed
Play 100 Legs of 501 Darts – Lost interest early
Play 150 Games of 8-ball Pool – Played a fair few games, only got about halfway to 150, probably over estimated my hunger to play
Do two poker room reviews for my blog – Only did one
– Add 5 new life objectives to my list
Cross off a life objective – Went sea kayaking
Write Part II of my ‘Bit About Me Series’
Generally work on my Sit N’ Go game – I can without a doubt say I put my heart and soul into this :)
Run 75km – Body and mind just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Plus the take up of inline skating fill some of the exercise time.
Go to a few cricket matches at the MCG
Play 400 sit and go’s – Achieved it… JUST!
Watch 5 StoxPoker Sit And Go Videos
Review all my sit and go’s in SitNGo Wizard
Earn 60,000 VPPs at PokerStars – Only got about 35,000, but that is okay. I like that I realised early that I was stressing myself out and I made changes.
Have fun, enjoy myself, stress less – Maybe I got there towards the end, but certainly didn’t enjoy myself through February for the most part

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