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Okay I have been really slack with my blog so I apologise. I’m starting to get over the whole car crash thing and move on with my life. It did prompt me to re-assess my poker goals though and I’ve changed my plans for the month and possibly the next few months. I’ve dropped back to 100nl, just for a week or two. While I’m playing 100nl I’ll be working on loosening up my game, picking better spots to c-bet and bluff as well as on my game selection. I think if I can play some good poker and win some money at this level, it will hold me in good stead for moving back to 200nl in no time. The decision to drop down was in no way bankroll related, more of a confidence/emotional/game improvement decision.

In addition to cash games I’m really going to be increasing my sit and go output in the next month or two. I want to become a really well rounded with a good ability to produce and decent amount of volume. This should allow me another avenue to grind bonuses and VPPs. Speaking of which, I signed up to Tower Gaming Poker today and play to be grinding a bonus there with my sit and go’s for a while. The games certainly seem a lot softer than Stars, but I don’t think I like the structure of their turbo’s as much. I paid a guy to write me a script for Tower so that I can multi-table with ease, it is quite nifty and seems promising so far. the only downside to Tower is the traffic, I might have to switch the time I play cash games and the times I play sit and go’s to try and play at an hour where there are more players around. I also just purchased a Poker Office License because Poker Tracker doesn’t support tournaments at OnGame. After I’ve sued it a bit more I might provide a review on here.

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  • Hi.

    Glad you weren’t hurt in your car crash.

    It reminded me of the scene from “The Office” where Michael Scott was following his GPS directions and drove into a pond!

  • Thanks :) I felt like a real donk for a day or two, but these things happen I guess.

    I must go back and watch that episode of The Office to make myself feel better.

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