My New Hobby: Inline Skating

Rollerblade Crossfire 90 II


No, it isn’t 1994 all over again… I’m genuinely getting into inline skating and I don’t if you judge me. My body is becoming kind of wrecked from pounding the pavement long distances and it has become stale and boring. I went and bought myself a really decent pair of skates, I opted for the Rollerblade Crossfire 90 II model because of their 90mm wheels, as opposed to the regular 80mm. The 90mm wheels mean that you get more out of every push and are optimal for travelling long distances, which I plan to be.


So far I’ve been out a few times and I’ve found myself using new muscles and working up quite a sweat. One really noticeable thing is how much of an effect the wind has. Travelling into the wind, my 6 foot frame acts like a sail and it is really a struggle to push up the hills, but it goes both ways. Going with the wind is pure bliss! Anyway, haven;t blogged for a while, thought I’d post something non-poker for a change.

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