I’m So Stupid, And So Lucky – Crashed My Car

Is it geeky that I have a car accident and my first instinct is to blog about it? Well let’s start at the beginning shall we? My friend Jason asked me to fill in for his basketball team tonight and I happily agreed. He lives a fair drive from my house, so I asked to borrow my Dad’s GPS to help navigate my way there. I was nearly at Jason’s house and the GPS was telling me that I needed to turn right in 450m, then it told me to turn right so I indicated, but as I did I realised the street I was turning into wasn’t Smith St, but made a split second decision to turn down it anyway. By the time I looked up I was already moving right and straight into an oncoming car, I had time only to tap the brake, but then the impact hit. In no way do I blame the GPS for this, completely my fault. I was on complete auto-pilot, not consciously thinking about what I was doing and am just terribly lucky that I am okay and the other driver is okay.

The front right of the oncoming car smashed into the middle right front of my car. My airbag didn’t go off so the contact wasn’t too forceful, but my knee hit my steering wheel and cut it open. The police, fire and ambulance all came. I was breathalysed, asked about what happened, had to sign a thing saying I refused medical treatment for my knee. I called my Dad and he came as soon as he could, but this was about half an hour away from my house. I called Jason and he walked by and saw me which was nice. Basically, I had to sit around for what seemed like forever feeling like a complete mug, with cars backed up and police redirecting the traffic and nowhere to hide. Everybody was really nice thankfully, the police said that I probably won’t have to go to court; I will just get a ticket for failing to give way. Whatever punishment I will get, I will probably deserve. I’m just so relieved it wasn’t worse than it potentially could have been.  I don’t even want to consider what would have happened had I turned a second earlier or later.

It is getting kind of late and I want to wrap this up, will probably report more about all this later. Tomorrow I will start to get things sorted out Insurance wise and go and pick up all the stuff out of my car. The really freaky thing is that my Insurance actually fell due today; luckily I paid it already a month ago. As time goes by and I process what happened tonight I think there is probably one important conclusion I am going to draw. That is, that this was a complete wake-up call, not only about getting distracted or not giving your full attention when driving, but also in my life as a whole. Maybe I’ve been guilty of living day to day on auto-pilot as well and not taking the time to consider what I am doing, why I am doing it, what could I be doing better, where exactly am I going etc etc. I’ll leave all that for another day though, right now I’m just glad that everything is okay and tomorrow is a new beginning.

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  • How’s the knee? You aren’t too hurt to play finals I hope. Glad you are OK. Never a nice situation.

    Is PIJ a write off?

  • Insurance people haven’t seen it, but they reckon any time a car that old needs to be towed it is usually a write off. My knees fine, I’m a little stiff today, but it won’t keep me out of the game. I’m just a little shaken up by it all.

  • Yeah fair enough. Hope you are powering through. We all make the mistakes. I should have had about 5 accidents by now – for exactly the same reason.

    If you need a hug, Poulakakis can lend you his Elmo. I hope you can keep the PIJ number plates. Get McGrath to sign them.

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