Hand vs. Dilith – Calling Range Here?

Villain is Dilith 17/14/2.8 over 10k hands. What are your thoughts on his range here? What is your calling range? Notice Hero still has about $200 behind at this point.

Poker Stars, $1/$2 NL Hold’em Cash Game, 9 Players
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UTG+2: $200
MP1: $122.80
MP2: $185.50
CO: $210.60
BTN: $280.10
SB: $198
Hero (BB): $258.40
UTG: $33.50
UTG+1: $120.10

Pre-Flop: x x dealt to Hero (BB)
UTG folds, UTG+1 calls $2, 2 folds, MP2 calls $2, CO calls $2, BTN calls $2, SB folds, Hero raises to $18, UTG+1 folds, MP2 calls $16, CO folds, BTN calls $16

Flop: ($59) T T 5 (3 Players)
Hero bets $42, MP2 folds, BTN raises to $262.10 and is All-In, Hero calls with???

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  • Well, good ol’ Dilith probably has 55 or a number of different T’s, but IMO he’s just crazy enuf to try to get you to lay a big hand down too, knowing you’re a good player.

    In the end, I probably put him on one of those and fold my AA here.

  • Hey I added a link to your blog from mine. Nice design, what software did you use? About the hand; I’ve never played with him so I have no idea what his range is, but I’d find it hard to fold pretty much any pocket pair here.

  • ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Pretty sure he has 55. You are definitly beat in this spot. What else can he shove with????
    The only thing is that he is a little on the crazy side at time. He doesnt cold call QQ or KK and your Cbet% prob isnt that high(maybe 65%ish???) so I cant see him shoving anything that doesnt beat you so his range is 55,TT,AA also ATs, maybe JTs. But he’d have to range you on 55,TT,AA,KK. To sum it up you’re definitly beat unless he is tilting or knows a ton about your game and the fact that you could feasibly fold QQ-AA here. Even if he did know a ton about your game trying to make you fold QQ-AA there is just retarded.

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