Revising My Goals… Already

Well after getting away from poker a bit the last couple of days by going to the cricket and spending some time at the beach I realised that there is a little more to life again. The last half of January has taken a toll on me, my confidence and my drive to play. Don’t get me wrong I still love poker, but there can be too much of a good thing. I was playing too many tables and lost perspective in my chase for VPPs. So with that in mind I am revising my February goals to add/change the following…

– Play 400 sit and go’s
– Watch 5 StoxPoker Sit And Go Videos
– Review all my sit and go’s in SitNGo Wizard
– Earn 60,000 VPPs at PokerStars
– Have fun, enjoy myself, stress less

About the Author: Andrew Ferguson

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