6 Tabling NL200 Video

Download Here

Runs for about 35 mins, file size is 130MB.

Hopefully you enjoy my heavy breathing during this one. This was a pretty uneventful video, there weren’t that many interesting hands, but I decided to post it anyway. I made a few small mistakes, mostly because I was concentrating on talking and got rushed for time. The resolution is quite crappy so it might be hard to make out specific stack sizes and stats, if you guys would like I can render a larger file to make this possible. Post a comment if you’d like me to do this.

Thoughts on hands would be good too, particularly the big KK hand I would like to know what your play would have been if raised on the turn or river and also the river value bet sizing.

Edit: New download here (173MB)

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  • Hey, happy to link exchange as requested. I’ve put you on my blog (splats poker blog)

  • hey there,
    just seen your comment on my blog. have added you under my blog roll so all linked up. would love you to do the same, http://www.seymourcards.com


  • Downloading your vid – wouldn’t mind if you uploaded a larger size vid with higher rez etc.

  • Link added
    gl gl

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