My February Goals

I’m really looking forward to a fresh start in February. Things have been very tough in the second half of January and I can’t wait for a clean slate. Hopefully, I can find a renewed energy for poker as well as enjoy a balanced lifestyle. Thankfully, this year is a leap year and I’ll have an extra day that I usually wouldn’t to get everything done. Maybe I am aiming too high in terms of VPPs, but if I feel that my play and enjoyment is suffering then I may revise my plans…. aiming high at least.

February Goals
– Play 100 Legs of 501 Darts
– Play 150 Games of 8-ball Pool
– Do two poker room reviews for my blog
– Add 5 new life objectives to my list
– Cross off a life objective
– Write Part II of my ‘Bit About Me Series’
– Generally work on my Sit N’ Go game
– Run 75km
– Go to a few cricket matches at the MCG
– Play 400 sit and go’s
– Watch 5 StoxPoker Sit And Go Videos
– Review all my sit and go’s in SitNGo Wizard
– Earn 60,000 VPPs at PokerStars
– Have fun, enjoy myself, stress less
January Goals
Passed With Flying Colours, Could Have Done Better, Failed
Earn at least 43,000 VPPs at Stars I revised this one way back at the start of the month to aim for 66,000 and I got there too
Plan holiday to North Queensland – Gotta wait to see if anyone can get time off to come with me
Add ten new life objectives to my list – Added five, going to carry five over to next month
Chili poker halfway bonus – Cashed out, too much else on my plate
Party poker bonus
Make $5k worth of bets at Pinnacle (to unlock bonus) – Close enough
Finish Bet365 sports bet bonus
Make a NL video – Put this off again
No caffeine for a month
Run 75km in the month

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  • Hey, Mark from Plan3t Gong here… thanks for the note – nice blog and happy to have added you to the blogs of distinction list!

    If you could please return the link with the words ‘Online Poker Blog – Plan3t Gong’ that would be great.

    See you mentioned some SEO etc, we had an article with some poker blogging ideas over at SNG Planet – very basic but might be something of interest (technorati in particular is a good one)


    Cheers, Mark

  • Yo, Looks like it works :)

    No caffeine? Damn, that would be tough.

  • The first few days were tough, I was getting really bad headaches and stuff, after that I didn’t notice too much. Now that it is over I’m just going to enjoy it in moderation.

  • Link Added.

    Nice blog.

  • I added your link to my blog.

    Must be nice to get the bonuses from the non-US sites.

  • Hey man whats up. Go ahead and add me to ur blog list. Ill add you as well.

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