Australia Day

Today was Australia Day and I took the day off from poker and had a very good day. We went to the beach, it was a 34 degree day and there was a nice breeze down there. It was a great place to watch the Air Force flyovers for Australia Day and also the ye oldie boats out on the water to celebrate the European settlement of Australia. The holiday seems to be getting bigger every year. For international readers, it is kind of like the celebration of Thanksgiving in America in that it isn’t exactly the most celebrated of events amongst those native to the land before Europeans came along.

I need to earn about 10,000 more VPPs this month to be on track with where I want to be, at present I have earned about 56,000 for the month. I’m slowly regaining my confidence and coming out of my downswing (fingers crossed). So that should keep me busy for early next week. We also have a double header at Indoor cricket this week that should be fun. A few times before we have two games on one night, but we’ve never known about it beforehand.

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