Tough Stretch

Playing so many hands already this month, I’ve been through a few patches of unbelievable up and downswing. Right now I am caught in the midst of a 30,000 hand break even stretch. Thanks to bonuses and other profitable activities I actually haven’t been losing money, so from a mental point of view that isn’t a worry. There are some feelings of self-doubt starting to creep in, I haven’t had a big winning session in quite a few now I’ll be putting in another solid week of playing, pretty sure that’ll see myself out of this bad run. I’m increasing my study levels as well to try and keep my mind on track at the tables.

Some of the swings and graphs I have been in recent months really makes me wonder about live poker players. I mean a typical live poker player will play about 1/10th the hands that an online player may put in on a given day. Their sample size over a year isn’t all that large and a player might even be able to go a few years winning, when really they are a losing player and vice versa. In a lot of ways, having a proven record over many hundreds of thousands of hand is the reason I don’t lose sleep at night. I’m sure there are some living players living in blissful ignorance, but I just couldn’t imagine living and breathing such a small sample of poker hands.

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