My Poker Setup Nearly Complete


With the arrival of my new monitor and the new desks and TV I got in December, my poker setup is starting to come together. All I really need now is a good chair and then I am set. So starting from the left, I have two 24″ monitors connected the my main desktop PC (quad core 3.2, 4gb ram, 750gb hard drive) on which I do most of my poker playing. I have them in portrait mode at the moment, I find that having two in landscape side by side is too hard on the neck. At back in the middle is my 42″ LG LCD Full HDTV, hooked up to that I have Xbox 360, Foxtel iQ (cable/TiVo) and whichever of my PCs that I want. I’ve got four laptops that I have collected the last few years, they aren’t anything special and don’t play a lot of poker on them. I mainly use them for back-up, downloading, when friends come over, and use in other areas of the house. I used laptops more when I was still at University. I’ve got a couple of other old desktops which I mainly use for media and the same reasons as the laptops.

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