Australia Equals World Record

What a test match! Going into the 5th day of play, it looked destined to be a draw and Australia’s 15 match winning streak in test cricket would come to an end. Australia batted through the early morning and an Indian win was thrown out of the equation. Australia struck early with the ball and a win was really looking promising once more. Test match cricket is so good into lulling you into a sense of security and then all of a sudden a brief period changes the whole course of the game. India dug in their heels and  a draw was looking inevitable once more.


 Suddenly, Australia had some luck with a shady umpiring decision (admittedly one of many in our favour) and the game was wide open again. Michael Clark, a specialist batsmen and only part time

bowler was called on to bowl in the last overs, and he single handedly turned the game in an instant. It was truly one of the best test matches as a whole that I can remember. Full credit to India and the way they played, they didn’t deserve to lose the match, but that is the way it goes sometimes. The current Australian team has now equalled the world record for most wins in a row and will be looking to break it when the next match starts in Perth next week.

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