My January Goals

January Goals
– Earn at least 43,000 VPPs at Stars
– Plan holiday to North Queensland
– Add ten new life objectives to my list
– Chili poker halfway bonus
– Party poker bonus
– Make $5k worth of bets at Pinnacle (to unlock bonus)
– Finish Bet365 sports bet bonus
– Make a NL video
– No caffeine for a month
– Run 75km in the month
December Goals
Passed With Flying Colours, Could Have Done Better, Failed
Achieve SuperNova Status
Have a well mapped out plan for the next 12 months: Getting there, hopefully I can post it here in the next few days
Play 75k hands of Full Ring: Only got in about 55k hands, it was more important to me to have a holiday than to grind the extra hands once i got to Supernova. I have little doubt I would have played 75k hands had i not had internet troubles early in the month.
Stop Playing on the 24th and take a New Year’s Break
Get my 2+2 post count up to 500: This was a badly founded goal in the first place, i should be aiming to review hands and make quality posts isntead of wasting my time posting in meaningless threads. Only fell a few posts short though.
Post 30 hand analysis blogs for the month: Only posted 12 :(
Make a 200NL video: Never got around to it
Increase my blogroll to 12 link exchanges: Sent off a few requests today, hopefully I can get some quality exchanges.
Be able to 14-table on a regular basis: Nearly there
Play 100 Sit And Go’s
Stake two more tournament players: Only found one quality player, not going to invest in another just for the sake of it.

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  • You should have added – boost your wicket tally and run count in indoor cricket! 😛

    * Produce a finely tuned and balanced cricket team – with a consistent batting line up and a confident batting stocks destined to bring home some form of silverware!


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