Just A Rant

So I got my PokerStars Supernova, yay! I decided to take a break from stars until the new year, I’ve been playing there a lot and I just want to take this time to grind off some bonuses at some other sites. So I joined Chili Poker, part of the iPoker network. Their deposit limit is $200 unless you send in all your ID and what not, so I did all that an eventually got to multi-tabling their $200nl. Multi-tabling on the software is kind of annoying and I had a crazy cascade going. The BetPot script I got to work their was okay, the auto-reload was next to useless though. The hand rate is so freaking slow compared to Stars, that was enough to tilt me alone. I’ve got to say I either run very hot or very cold at iPoker, there really isn’t much in between. And usually at at one skin I’m on fire and at other I seem to be doomed to fail every hand I play. So afte rlosing abotu 3 buyins a piece with AA and KK, I think I’m done with the  iPoker network… The software is lousy, there are too many short stacks, the waiting lists take too long, the hand rate is slow, I run bad, the tables are packed with set miner bonus whores, I run bad and I’m better off elsewhere. Thanks for the memories iPoker, but I’m done with you.

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