Mid-Month Update

Just a general update to let you guys know how I am travelling this month. I’m on the verge of Supernova now, only 4500 points to go, so only four sessions or so to go! I’m running okay, although the start to this week has been a little brutal. I feel like my game has improved a lot November to December, I’m being a lot more aggressive and I think it is only a matter of time before the results start to show themselves (more than they already have). My pre-flop numbers and my overall aggression factor has increased and I think this is leading to a lot better results. If I ahd to pick a weakness for this month it would have to be my play vs. loosie goosie players. Not decent LAG players, but the ones with like 40+ VPIP’s and no diea what they are doing.

I’m starting to think about my plans for January at the moment. My thinking at this point is that I’m going to play my morning sessions on the iPoker network and afternoon sessions on Stars. I just need to investigate how feasible it is for me to mega-table iPoker. I know there is plenty of tables for me in the mornings, its just the RAM usage and AHK scripts I’m concerned with. I’m going to conduct a few tests in the next few days and make my final decision after I’m done playing for the year.

In other news I’ve purchased a wireless receiver for my Xbox 360 controller and can now use it on my PC. I’m still working on the script to use with it, but at the moment I’ve got it working as a mouse, which allows me to use it with the BetPot script. With a bit more work on my scripts and practice handling the remote as a mouse I should be using it to multi-table in no time. Thus adding another pointer device to my arsenal and helping me avoid RSI.

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