Nearly At Breaking Point

I’m a very calm guy, which is a good thing at poker and most things in life really. I never let things rattle me too much, but so far this month so many things have transpired against me, I can feel my blood starting to boil with every new set-back. To start the month it was my Internet connection that kept dropping out, costing me well over a thousand dollars in times out pots, tilt and lost playing time. Four technicians to the house, a new modem that I didn’t even need and two weeks of screwing around later that seems to have been solved (fingers crossed).

Given all my connection troubles I decided I want to set-up an ADSL connection (to go with my existing cable one) as a back-up. I went and bought a new ADSL modem, had all sorts of frustrations getting it to work and then when I finally did, not even a day in to using it, it completely fried itself. I’d stupidly thrown out the box/receipt and had to spend like an hour at the store I bought it from getting a refund using my credit card statement. I then bought a better model and when I asked if it included a line filter, they said no. I bought one separately, only to get home and open the box to find it had one in there.

Today, my $2000 worth of electronic’s store gift certificates arrived in the mail that I ordered with my PokerStars’ FPP store. I planned to use them on getting a 42″ LCD TV. The model I wanted cost $2600, so I gave them the gift cards and said charge the remainder to my credit card. My credit card being my Neteller pre-paid card, which only had about $600 on it. Anyway, the idiot at the register charged the whole thing to my credit card by accident. He then refunded the entire amount to the card, which he thought was $2600, but was actually only the $600 that was on there (which we didn’t find out until they called when we got home). We then proceeded to complete the transaction with the gift cards and my Dadputting the remainder on his credit card because mine had been maxed out by the original transaction and refunds take a few days to get credited back. So when i got home they called me to let me know they had accidentally refunded too much back to my card, and asked if I could come back to the store and give me the money… Well firstly, I haven’t got the money they refunded back to me yet, I’m not going to go and hand them $1900 just because they say they have refunded me and secondly I haven’t even taken delivery of the TV yet. As it stands…

Me – $2000 in gift cards
Me – $600  from my neteller card
Dad -$600 from his credit card

They say they have sent a $2600 refund to my Neteller card, which would mean we owe them $1900 for the TV… but I’m not giving them that until I know that my card has been refunded. Anyway, it is all just another saga of what seems to be a growing list of setbacks for December. I really wanted to be dedicating myself to poker early this month so I could enjoy the holiday season (which includes my birthday), maybe I can do enough in the next week or two before Christmas to get enough of my objectives for the month done so that can still happen.

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