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Just a general update on how I am travelling so far this December. The month got off to an okay start, but has been riddled with coolers and suck outs. I feel like I’ve played some awesome poker for the most part, theres been a few small lapses here and there, but that happens when you are multi-tabling hard. I’ve attached a little summary to show how bad I’ve been running. Can’t get aces to hold pre-flop against kings and then against the very same guy I get kings into aces, flop and king and he catches two runners to four flush me. Set over set has been pretty sick and the one time I had set voer set I lost. Notice I’m 3/5 for hands where I’ve flopped a set vs. an overpair… brutal. Anyhow, tomorrow is a new session and I am mega driven to knock off these FPPs and feel the joy of being a SuperNova! I’ve got 19,000 FPPs to go until I reach SuperNova, so everything is on target. I’m currently experimenting with different lay outs and I’ve changed my PAHUD display completely, I’m enjoy how both those changes are looking at the moment.

Running Bad

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